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PRODUCTSBrazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

Color Change Information

Brazilian Cherry has a dramatic color change over time like domestic cherry. In a process known as oxidation, it changes from the mill-direct tan/salmon color to a deep, rich, reddish-brown color. The color change occurs in several days when exposed to direct sunlight. In indirect sunlight, the Brazilian Cherry will oxidize slowly over several months, with most noticable changes occurring within three months. Water-based finishes tend to retard the color change while oil-based finishes enhance it.

Are you looking to keep the light original appearance of Brazilian Cherry, or what some companies call "Brazilian Cherry Lite"? Well, you aren't interested in true Brazilian Cherry. "Brazilian Cherry Lite" is actually a different species: Tauari (Brazilian Oak).

Our clear grade Brazilian Cherry has very minimal color and grain variation. Color varies from yellowish hues to pink/reds to dark reds with black striping. The darker streaks give it an exotic expression.

Below is a before/after oxidation photo.

Brazilian Cherry Oxidized and Unoxidized Before/After Comparison

The background image is before oxidation,
and the small block of dark red in the middle
of the picture has undergone partial oxidation