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PRODUCTSTiete Chestnut (Sucupira / Brazilian Chestnut)

Tiete Chestnut

tiete chestnut room scene

Available in Solid and Engineered Prefinished formats

Lustrous chocolate brown with interesting golden striping

Color Range
Tiete Chestnut exhibits a tan to dark brown color with unique interlocking grain pattern and occasional black striping.

Color Change
Color is mostly unaffected by light.

Flooring Trade Name: Tiete Chestnut / Brazilian Chestnut
Botanical Name: Bowdichia Nitida
Lumber Name: Sucupira
Grows In: Brazil, Paraguay & Bolivia


Solid Prefinished Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira 3/4" x 3 1/4 x Random Length 1'-7'


This is our most popular engineered line. Offered in 2 face widths 3 1/4" & 5" with random lengths between 12" and 48" long. Specifications are 3/8" thickness with a 1/8" + thick sawn (3.0 mm) one piece wear layer. It can be nailed, glued or floated. Pre-finished with a state of the art 7 coat, High Wear UV cured Aluminum oxide w/ a 25 year wear through or separate residential warranty and a 35% sheen Satin sheen.

Engineered Prefinished Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira 3/8 x 3 1/4 x RL 1 - 4 Foot
(29.25 sq ft per carton) 3.0 mm face.

Engineered Prefinished Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira 3/8 x 5" x RL 1 - 4 Foot
(30.00 square foot per carton) 3.0 mm face.

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