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Flush Mount and Self Rimming Hardwood Vents

Standard metal HVAC vents cheapen the entire flooring project. They detract from the beauty and prestige of your solid hardwood floor. Our recommendation is to install flush mount vents with frames. They are a "picture frame" of Brazilian Cherry of your species of choice. These high-quality vents are available in both Prefinished and Unfinished formats.

If you have already installed your floor - it's not too late. You can install a drop-in removable self-rimming vents. They are not flush or level with the hardwood floor; however they do match beautifully as well.

You will like the vents as much as the floor. We strongly suggest NOT using metal vents.

We offer the finest matching vents available, in most formats.

Below are samples of the vents in oak. However, the pictures give a good view of what the vents look like. Your Brazilian Cherry or other species vents will match your floor perfectly.

Please click the slideshow below these two pictures to examples of our vents in recent home installations.

Self Rimming


Flush Mount