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A Name you can Trust

At Brazilian Direct, we know the Internet can be a scary place. Unfortunately, there are scam artists and companies with terrible service out there. Many companies will claim to be able to deliver a product, but will take months to deliver after taking your money. Do your research before you purchase online.

Unlike many other companies, our reputation stands for itself with a history of great products and great service. We pride ourselves on our quality products and superior service. We have been in business since 2002 and wouldn't be serving you today if we weren't a reliable company.

In an effort to help you feel more comfortable when dealing with us, we have some information below.

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National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Membership
As a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Brazilian Direct subscribes, without reservation, to these Standards of Professional Conduct.

• To deal with my customers with honesty and integrity.
• To promote the merits of my products and services without degrading competitors.
• To reveal all the material facts so that the truth about my products and services may be understood fully.
• To abide by all governmental regulations and statutes.
• To support the NWFA and its goals and purposes toward advancing the wood flooring industry.
• To, in the performance of my profession, commit no act that would discredit my profession or the wood flooring industry.
• To abide by these Standards of Professional Conduct and recognize the NWFA as the authority in all matters relating to interpretation and enforcement of these Standards, within prevailing legal limits.

A violation of any of these guidelines would result in our expulsion from the NWFA.

Better Business Bureau Membership

As an active member in good standing with the BBB, we continue to: