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Claims Policy

In the event that a customer has a claim for a Brazilian Direct order, the following will apply

  1. Claims will be evaluated and accepted/rejected at the sole discretion of Brazilian Direct
  2. The customer is responsible for a $100.00 processing fee for each individual transaction related to their order.
  3. The customer will incur a 20% restocking fee any wood that is returned in re-saleable condition on any order that is canceled.
  4. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees related to their order.
  5. The customer is responsible for any damaged wood that is deemed not re-saleable.
  6. That no refund will be issued unless a customer returns a signed claim invoice.
  7. By signing the claim invoice, the customer releases Brazilian Direct from any and all liability and recourse related to their order at that time and in the future.
  8. Brazilian Direct reserves the right to use all the time necessary to process a claim.
  9. All refunds will be sent through the mail by check.
  10. All disputes and conflicts with and in regards to the products / services provided by Brazilian Direct Ltd. shall be construed under the laws and subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Pennsylvania.



Updated 2/25/08