PRODUCTSBrazilian Teak (Cumaru)

Brazilian Teak

Brazilian Teak Floors

Available in prefinished and unfinished formats

Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) hardwood flooring offers beautiful brown tones, ranging from champagne color to darker reddish browns. It offers a timeless look and exceptional durability due to its hardness. You'll find premium quality in both our Pre-finished Solid and Un-finished Solid formats.

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 Brazilian Teak from South America varies from a medium tan brown to a dark reddish brown with some pieces displaying a black striping. Brazilian Teak "light" is actually a different species, Southern Chestnut. Brazilian Teak, unlike most exotics, undergoes very little color change due to sun light. It is one of the densest woods available at 280% as hard as domestic red oak.

Our mills in Brazil use Sustainable Forestry Practices, which includes environmental and socially responsible forestry practices. After 70 years in the lumber industry, we value the land and practice sustainable forestry. Sustainable forestry means that the amount removed will not exceed the amount that will grow back between harvests.

On the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian Teak ranks 3540 vs. 1260 for Red Oak.

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